For Myaamia people, our stories are almost always rooted in places like Waapaahšiki Siipionki ‘Wabash River Lands’ (in Indiana), Waapankiaakamionki ‘Swan Water Lands’ (in Kansas), and Noošonke Siipionki ‘Neosho River Lands’ (in Oklahoma). As a result, our stories and knowledge about how we lived in the past and continue to live today combine our understandings of our people’s interactions with other humans, plants, animals, weather, and the changing seasons. This blog is one vehicle by which Myaamia people can continue our never-ending discussion of who we are and who we were.  Sometimes the discussion will have a focus that seems more “historical” or “ecological,” but at other times the lines between the two will be less clear.  It is our hope that over time Myaamia people will begin to use this blog as a place to discuss the seasonal changes that they experience around them.

Myaamia Kiilhsoohki ‘Myaamia Lunar Calendar’

The Myaamia lunar calendar is a tool we use to track Myaamia month duration and the progress of the seasons.  Using the calendar requires us to observe the lunar cycles in relation to events in our environment.  Each month is named for an ecological event that is usually observed during that period of time.  Below you will find a listing of the Myaamia lunar months with links to brief explanations of the key ecological changes associated with that month.  For more information about how to acquire a digital or print version of the calendar please email

waawiita kiilhswa ‘Lost Moon’

mahkoonsa kiilhswa ‘Young Black Bear Moon’

aanteekwa kiilhswa ‘Crow Moon’

cecaahkwa kiilhswa ‘Sandhill Crane Moon’

wiihkoowia kiilhswa ‘Whippoorwill Moon’

paaphsaahka niipinwiki ‘Mid-Summer Moon’

kiišiinkwia kiilhswa ‘Green Corn Moon’

mihšiiwia kiilhswa ‘Elk Moon’

šaašaakayolia kiilhswa ‘Grass Burning Moon’

kiiyolia kiilhswa ‘Smoky Burning Moon’

ayaapeensa kiilhswa ‘Young Buck Moon’

ayaapia kiilhswa ‘Buck Moon’

mahkwa kiilhswa ‘Black Bear Moon’


2 Responses to “Ecology”

  1. Melissa said

    This is fantastic Daryl, George and Andrew! What a great assignment to bring everything together.

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